Wednesday, June 1, 2011

space changers...

OK, maybe you're not going to cut down a tree and then slice the trunk into multiple slivers and glue them to your wall (why not?!), but it doesn't have to be that extreme to make an impact.

Here's the dealio, we all know that color can make a room (or accent wall) sing the praises of space transformation. I'm a believer and a participator--BUT, why stop there? 

Fabric stretched over canvas, wall decals, house numbers, baskets, framed flash cards, random frames, flea market finds...the list is LOOOOOONG Kids! So many great ways to create impact and style on wall and in a room with everyday objects. It's easy and it can be inexpensive.

The key is repetition OR just one BIG statement. Even the most odd of ideas comes off as "well, of course it looks great, duh" because it didn't shy away from the concept. It was bold and secure in it's oddness. One bundt cake pan on a wall, nice. Utilitarian. Expected. Practical. A wall filled with bundt cake pans, a work of art that can't be denied. A so-so kitchen or dining room becomes instantly interesting. AND, you didn't have to paint a wall!

I challenge you to look at your blank walls. Reeeeeaaaaalllllly Look at Them. Then, take in the whole room. Can it use some oddness? Play with the way you hang objects. Trace the objects you are going to hang onto construction paper or paper grocery bags. Cut out the patterns and tape them to the wall. Stand back. Re-tape, play around with the placement until you get the desired configuration. Challenge yourself to go after something that may not feel comfortable, it's OK if you don't like it. You're playing with patterns and no nails on the wall till you're ready.

One of the major differences between you and the peeps you think know what their doing when it comes to design, is that they've done this a bazillion times. The more you play, the easier it will be. You'll have a sixth sense of what feels right and how to execute it. The fear of "This is the MOST important design decision I will ever make" feeling will be just another fun moment of space changers.

Go Forth and Design Well.


Anonymous said...

Love the jello molds! I wonder if I could find that wood in a wallpaper instead. I have a wall of framed Frank Sinatra albums. It makes a huge impact and album cover art is already so great!

Beth said...

I love the rows of flashcards.

Above the row of storage boxes.

Atop the bank of cabinets.

Bromeliad said...

Love those tinted baskets. And the power of multiple anything.

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