Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm a total sucker for well made stuff. Also, for things that don't have an air of "Look at me, look how special and well made I am, and I'm going to make you pay more than I'm actually worth because of that!"

OK, maybe that's not what they are actually saying. They're NOT speaking to's not like I hear voices from inanimate objects or anything. Sheesh. But, you know what I'm getting at--Just good stuff without the attitude.

Tatine candles is that kind of stuff. Maybe I have an extra soft spot in my heart since they're made in my beloved hometown of Chicago. I promise I did not know that until after I bought the candle and checked out the website. It was my gift with purchase.

Either way, check them out. Tatine. Just an "r" away from Tartine, which I LOVE. I digress. The candles are made in small batches by hand with great essential oils, cotton wicks and lots of passion. They also have a groovy website with much more swell info.

That's it.

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Sean said...

Great find! Thanks.

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