Monday, July 11, 2011

awesome awesomeness mondays...

Yes, they're expensive (Over a $100 a roll). 

Yes, they have oddly wonderful names (Rolling Plumes, Warm Olives Anyone?) 

BUT they are also an awesome way to liven up a room or even just a single wall! If you're too shy about using bold wallpapers, try a less permanent approach...frame and hang multiple frames of the stuff on your wall. 

If nothing else, just browse through the inspiring gallery pages of 



Dumbwit Tellher said...

Awesomeness is right, I adore Estella Regatta at Night; moody blues gorgeous! Thanks Angelo, I'm saving this info for my files!

Have a GREAT Monday ~ Deb

mrsben said...

Angelo, you not helping my weakness for wallpaper. ºÜº
(Yes I saved the links.)

angelo said...

Deb- I agree with you, Estella Regatta is pretty gorgeous.
Brenda- I'm happy to provide some info for your weakness. Good stuff!

Vicki Flynn said...

I am loving the new chairs, but then you don't design anything that I don't love! What can I say!!!!

The salad with the die for..nothing in there I don't like! For dessert, Beth's cookies..again, to die for!!

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