Thursday, July 21, 2011

good day to move some furniture...


If someone had recommended the scenarios of colors & styles mixing (as they do above), would you have said, "Why of course. Please, that's how I roll." OR would you have shrieked in horror and tried to find your way to the nearest store that sells all variations of brown in the same style?

If your answer is, "but of course..." my work here is done. If you are looking around your home and pretty much see an ocean of different shades of brown and tan all in the same style, we should hang for a bit.

Let me assure you, I truly love brown AND beige, tan, ecru, and all the other colors that some think are boring. What I want to do is challenge you in finding ways to make those browns even more alive and vibrant in your room, without having to sacrifice the whole lot and start again. Tossing it all out and starting from scratch has never been my mantra for design. Most of us already have good stuff. Good, functional, practical stuff. It just needs a few new friends and a different perspective.

One of the reasons to love home decor mags/blogs and the like, is for the inspiration they provide.

Be inspired to work WITH what you have...AND you can always ask for help if you get "stuck"



Beth said...

I love the green chairs in first and eighth frames. (Though that floor lamp seems more than a tad too tall.) And I love the medallion-y/polka dot-y drapes in the sixth frame. But that turquoise-y damask sofa of the fourth frame with that wallpaper and those drapes kinda hurts my eyes. And what's that swirly "Miami Vice" pastel situation happening in frame No. 9?

angelo said...

The green chair images are indeed awesome. The lamp works for me, though that wall space above the chair could use a piece of art/architectural element to make it more balanced with the lamp height. I get the "hurts my eyes" syndrome. Personally I wouldn't live in that room (the one that hurts your eyes), BUT it works. It really is an amazing example of everything coming together and being balanced instead of random. I feel the same way about what your "Miami Vice" room. It works and I admire the commitment. THIS is one of the many reasons I love design, it's (and should be) for everyone! Go Forth...

Beth said...

I get that a design can work technically, but if you wouldn't live in it, has it really succeeded?

Some design is too contrived for my tastes. It may be edgy, but it's not livable.

Then again, I may just be boring. :o )

P.S. Blogger has a sense of humor. My Word Verification is "jibes."

angelo said...

I never approach design as "would I live in it.."
Since I design spaces for other people, the question for me is, "Do they (my client) want to live in it?" Even if it's not my style my job is to give them their best style and challenge it a bit. Never dictate. At the end of the day, I get to go home to my house and do whatever I want---and some people would want to live there! Ha. Great design (for me) is great design, even if it's not my personal style.

Beth said...

Oh, for sure. I get that you - and other designers - shouldn't or don't design for yourselves but for the clients. Yes, as it should be. I just see some rooms and wonder how they came to be designed as they were and how much the people who live in those homes actually use them. Some seem more like sets or art installations than living spaces.

But to each his own. I can surely stand to incorporate a bit less brown into my life.

Word Verification: supresse

Anonymous said...

I adore the green chair in the first photo! I love neutrals but I have to have bright and fun pieces with patterns that don't all match.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say how much i love the new banner/pic.. really adorable!

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