Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wooster and beekman...

It's difficult to not love this show. The style is easy to fall for, and the writing, acting and directing really seal the deal.  Well, it's been on my mind and I've been missing it. So, I designed a chair and folding bar to make myself feel a little "madder."

Wooster & Beekman may sound like my version of an Ad Agency, but they are the newest additions to my angelo:HOME family.

Simple. Brown. Buttoned. And under $300, this chair leaves you with some extra dough to stock the bar---Speaking of which, The Beekman Bar will be available in September. It Folds. It's packed with Details. It makes You and Your Room look Stylish. Not that you need any help, but it's there if you do. If I could get it to mix a martini it would rule Manhattan, if not the world.


Tyson said...

Any price estimate on the bar? I've been searching for a perfect dry bar for my dining room for a few years, and this one has everything I've been looking for.

angelo said...

Hi Tyson-
It should retail anywhere between $400-$500. I will have firm pricing later this month. Keep you posted.
Thanks for your interest in the bar!

mary beth said...

I am anxiously awaiting the stocking of this bar! It's going to look fantastic in my new sitting room/bar for entertaining guests.

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