Wednesday, August 24, 2011

design geeks unite...

There's nothing quite like meeting a fellow design geek! You share a language, you get all googley-eyed over the the shape of a coffee table or a color hue and you pretty much make a fool of yourself to all those observing, with abandon.

That pretty much sums up my fellow design geek, Shannon Summers! In a good way.

When I met Shannon last year, I was instantly taken with her enthusiasm, love and genuine passion for all things design. She writes/runs the blog Compartment Life and she was gracious enough to ask me to write a guest blog on furniture arrangement (pics from the guest post below--click on them to visit the post about the wonderful world of finding your best arrangement).

Also, check out Shannon's blog for all sorts of design ideas, contests, and her enthusiastic take on all things that we design geeks love.  Shannon, thank you for letting me play in your world. -angelo


Anonymous said...

Great page!

Carl said...

Great post indeed ! I love learning about new people who share the same creative spirite. ~be well

Nick Klaus said...

I always love reading about design-blogger meetups. It's like those times when you see photos of Bob Dylan hanging out with Johnny Cash.

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