Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'll try not to eat the flowers...

Every once in awhile you run into someone's work where an eye for detail, passion and talent all collide. That's how I feel about Amy Merrick's styling and floral designs.

Aside from moving furniture, nothing can instantly and easily transform a room like flowers. My love of the colorful sprouts runs deep. Way back when I was about 3 or 4 years old and used to hang out in my grandmother's garden in Greece. I'd spend what seemed like hours just meandering through it, hiding in tall grasses, making up games with bushes and generally living in my new found world of plants.

If you follow this blog, you know that one day I was so taken by a spectacular looking flower in my grandmother's garden, that I kept staring at it until I decided to eat it. That's right--stuck the whole thing in my mouth. It felt so unbelievably beautiful and somehow magical, that I believed ingesting it would fill me with those attributes as well. I didn't just nibble and chew. I was ravenous for it's special powers. One big bite and swallow. The allergic reaction on my tongue and lips, swelling up to disgusting proportions, had the opposite effect than I had hoped for. You get the picture--I was (am) a fan of all things flora.

Amy's creations as a floral designer makes you feel like nature created the most perfect arrangement and Amy just picked it. That no human toil really went into this creation. Like all great works of art, you feel like it was meant to be. Her styling for commercial and editorial work has the same organic feel. You never see the work, just the beautiful results. Looking at Amy's work makes me feel like I could to that. She makes it look easy. That's the give-a-way that it's not---though, I would like to think that if Amy and I hung out in the same garden as kids, she may have taken a bite of the flower with me.



Beth said...

Wow, that arrangement at the top of the post is a stunner. It looks like a Renaissance painting. Even her web site is awesome. Good on her.

And I'm sure you're right that she would have taken a bite of the flower, too.

Kimjks said...

I too Angelo am mad about all things flora.This arrangement is amazing.May all our gardens grow!!

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