Thursday, September 22, 2011

awesome awesomeness o' the day...

Who does not love a good ol' practical solution? Show of hands? Yep, we all do--maybe that angry looking man in the corner with the fists of furry doesn't, but I digress.

Practical solutions are even more inspiring when you realize that it's just so simple and why haven't we done this before?! Maybe you have and for that I say, Why didn't you share your genius with us?! 

Featured in Southern Living Mag's "Organize Your Kitchen" article was this little gem--remove a drawer and install a paper towel holder in it's place. They christened it "Paper Towel Cubby." The use of the word "cubby" makes it even better.  You can also store additional paper towels behind the roll, depending on how deep your drawer may be. Awesomeness.

If you've created simple and out of the ordinary (you know, beyond the storage ottoman) space saving/storage solutions, share your wisdom with the group! Mine? Not too out of the ordinary, but one of my first studio apartments had a small entry closet. I removed the door, built shelving going all the way up the ceiling and added a plain, pressed wood board across the back as a desk (painted it and the shelving all the same color). I wall papered the back closet wall. It became my office "cubby." Total cost was under $100 bucks.

In my current NYC studio, my small entry is my office. Not earth shattering or as original as the paper towel idea, but definitely space saving and perfect for my needs.

Cubby it up kids! 


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Beth said...

"Cubby" is indeed a fab word.

But thinking back on my studio apartment, I didn't do anything clever with the space. Other than tuck a twin-size bed behind my loveseat, which then required me to crawl in from the foot of the bed every night.

That lasted a couple of years and then I decided that as someone pretending to be a grown woman, I should have a "real" bed, so I moved into a one-bedroom apartment for just that reason.

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