Thursday, September 1, 2011

sometimes you have to snort it...

My friend and business partner, Tom and I were in Omaha these past few days--Meeting with clients, playing with fabric and doing what we do. Some of "what we do" includes root beer floats that apparently come with chocolate chip cookies as a side car. I love this place. The service was perfect. The food was spectacular. The company was a great friend.

The root beer floats apparently have to be snorted (notice the straw positioned right up under Tom's nose).

Thank You Omaha, 801 Chophouse and Tom for a productive and memorable time.



Beth said...

Hey, I was gypped! When I had dinner with Tom, he ate his dessert with a fork!

angelo said...

These are the things one misses when they do not have the luxury of traveling with someone. Yes, you were gypped. I'm sorry. Carry one.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Poor Tom.

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