Saturday, September 24, 2011

what's not to love...

Look at these faces. Seriously.

My wonderfully gifted friend Ruth and her equally talented husband Michael, have started a new site called:

They are true lovers of all things design and have made a career out of it. Michael is a very talented artist and graphic designer. He currently works in the graphics department of the Los Angeles Museum of Art.
My beautiful friend Ruth has an unvarnished and genuine passion for design. She is a gifted painter (see framed paintings below) and interior designer, that specializes in making rooms look incredible on a budget. I recommend veeeery few people for design work, she is one of a handful that I think is spectacular at what she does AND she listens/hears her clients. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes for many HGTV design shows, making sure that everything that was supposed to happen, actually did. She was one of two "go to" people (the other being the equally awesome Jen!) on "Rate My Space." They made going to work fun. Both Ruth and Jen had one of the most difficult jobs, yet they always had a ready smile, a great laugh and even when things got rough--they took it it stride, problem solved and made everyone feel great.  I love those girls and miss working with them everyday. I digress...
My friend Ruth's Tree Paintings, hanging in my NYC studio entry.

Back to Michael and Ruth. If all their awesomeness already wasn't enough, they have an incredible eye for style. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Talk to them---Get overwhelmed at flea markets, antique stores or with anything having to do with design? They're your dynamic duo. PLUS, check out their gorgeous boy, Theo. I hear he's a bit of a genius in the making. Of course.

All in all, they're swell. Congrats on your new ventures kids! I'm rooting for you--Not that you need it.



Beth said...

I love this post!

Yay for awesome, talented, just-plain-good people and new creative ventures!

Their site is now part of my morning feed. I shall check in regularly.

Anonymous said...

Talented and beautiful :)

Interior Designs said...

Congratulations! I am becoming a fan because I love beautiful things.

mrsben said...

Just going to scoot on over to check their site out. Thanks Angelo. (Their little guy Theo is so sweet.)

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