Friday, September 30, 2011

win $10,000 makeover...

Details onVideo. 
Good Luck!


Unknown said...

This is so exciting! I will definitely be entering this..

Anonymous said...

Love the colors you choose, particularly that turquoisey happy blue - the best color ever. May I ask a question? I"m a collector of shells and there are lots of us. The other day, in an antique storeI saw a beautiful 2 feet by two feet end table. It had two drawers and a glass top. The top was see through and the top draw was where you would place your collection. The second drawer was storage. It was such a substantial old piece with marquetry. It was already sold. Just wondering if you are considering ever designing anything like this where those with our little collections might display them. Thanks.

angelo said...

Dear Anonymous-
I've thought about designing something like what you have described. The challenge with that for our collection, is that we mostly ship everywhere and designing things that include any kind of glass (see though top) can be an issue in shipment and cost. We're trying to minimize the amount of packaging in shipping and also keep the possibility of damages low.
I have seem similar tables sold at place like Pottery barn and even Ikea. Good luck in your search! Best, Angelo

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