Saturday, October 8, 2011

geek week in review...

It feels like Fall here in New York and maybe it's the added crispness in the air that is making certain pop culture things feel ever clearer. So, I've decided to wrap up the week with a small list of random observations.

Happy Weekend Kids!

Dear George (and Hollywood), 
I'd watch a full length film about the characters portrayed by the top three actors (Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Paul Giamatti). Everyone was good, but those three took their smaller roles and made it impossible to turn away from them. Every time they were off screen, I wanted to know what they were doing.

Dear Holidays,
Usually, I tend to be very specific about the way you roll out in the world of retail. I don't like it early. Halloween is coming up and seeing Christmas Wreathes next to my Plastic Black Crow decorations is unsettling. Well, West Elm, you got me. I'm loving this felt wreath and it's only early Oct. Carry on. 

Dear Hollywood,
Anyone ever turning on any kind of camera should make sure that Maya Rudolph is in front of it. She has always been brilliant and multi-talented. Her turn as Eva, in NBC's "Up All Night" is pure genius. She effortlessly steals every scene, makes you watch her breathe and has the power to create love and loathing in you. Plus, she reminds me of my beautiful friend Ruth--Not the way she acts on the show, but the way she is in real life.

Dear Ringer,
You had me at Sarah Michelle Gellar (Big fan). Then you created a show about twins. One evil. One good. Which is which? Are they both, both?! Is one dead? Are they trying to kill each other? Then you set the show in New York City with trips to Paris! It's like you specifically made this show for me. Woo to the Hoo! 

Here's where it goes horribly wrong...the show is kinda bad. I'm so sorry Ringer. Don't get me wrong, I'm still watching every episode because I WANT it to get better. Is it the writing? Yes, it's bad. Is it the acting, Yes---it's bad--Especially the supporting cast. Though SMG is good, given what she has to say. Even though you are set in NYC, Dear Ringer, I know you're shooting this in L.A. and if you ask me (I'm sure you wouldn't) there are sooooo many talented, out of work actors literally stacked on top of each other on every corner, that you could do better. Cast great actors. Give them good, interesting stuff to say (I know some awesome TV writers, call me) AND please figure out what you are. Are you based in reality? Are you being a tongue in cheek, over the top soap opera? Kitsch? I don't know. I'm so confused and not by your plot line, but by what the what? I want to love you. BTW, take advantage of being set in New York. Let's not kid ourselves--remember when "Sex in the City" was a TV show? Every episode was not a winner, but the minute the cast went outdoors to a cafe, restaurant, shop, or just walked the streets of New York, the episode was elevated. Save your pennies. Cut one of the paper shufflers on the staff that makes $45,000 a year. Every production has at least one. Take your main characters and crew to NYC for three weeks. Shoot scenes like crazy. Bank them and pepper them throughout the season. 

I am so rooting for you. This is actually a love letter. Seriously.

Dear Madonna,
You "Simply Loathe Hydrangeas," yet this week you gave us this pic (edited version below). Seriously?! What the What is wrong with you? Is this some "art" moment? I'll be the first to admit that I am not cool, hip or any other kind of revolutionary in the world of art. That being said, I can't unsee this. I'd like to. Also, please have a donut. You can afford to have a few.


Beth said...

Kudos to the creatives behind "The Ides of March" poster and the fluffy-balls wreath.

And waaaaaaay over on the other end of the spectrum, what the what with the Madonna photo? Wow, that's disturbing.

Shannon @ Holly & Martin said...

Omg I seriously thought that was a man trying to dress up as Madge at first. something.

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