Wednesday, January 18, 2012

casual by design...

You already know how inspired I am by food.

A meal is a celebration of all things great about life for me. It doesn't have to be fancy, though sometimes it is and that's swell, it just has to be good. Color, texture, aroma, flavor, presentation are all part of the joy of eating in my world. The less fussy the concept the better. I'm always amazed at food presentation that looks almost architectural. It's impressive but it doesn't excite me or stir any kind of culinary passion. I like it when there's just bit of messiness or unkemptness to the finished product. You can see the hands that put it together--it creates a story. Julia Child was a master at that. I'm not sure she knew she was specifically doing that, maybe she did, but I think it was just her way. She cooked the way most of us want to eat. Comfortably, yet well. There was no question she was great at what she did, but the finished product made you feel like it was possible for you to attempt.

I feel the same way about design.
food photos: Anders Schonnemann Photography

When a room looks too perfect, too symmetrical, I start to feel uncomfortable in the space. I look for ways to move something, or find a way to add a little bit of humor to the surroundings. One of my favorite compliments from a client was when a project was finished, they decided to entertain in their new surroundings. The next day they called me to say that everyone loved their home and they were glad that they finally "got their act together." No one suspected they had hired a designer, but that they put their own personal style to good use in their home. It didn't feel "designed"--it was just right for them, everyone said. I've had clients tell me that they have been asked to help their friends put their rooms together, after they saw what a good job they did in their own homes. It just seemed like they did it. I love that. I have no desire to leave my mark on someone else's place. I have my own to do that with.

        above photo: angelo:HOME/iPhone

So, getting back to the 
subject of food. 

There's so much there to be inspired by--Even if it's 
just a color. 

Use it. 

I also recommend eating it.



Carl said...

Great post. I feel strongly that a living space should be nurturing, calm and relaxed enough so as not to feel too designed. For me design should not be self referential. It should go beyond itself as any gesture of caring should.
All the best to you Angelo !

angelo said...

Thanks Carl. All the best to you as well!

Bromeliad said...

A touch of clutter or mess? That's a design concept I can nail for sure.

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