Friday, January 27, 2012

forklifts and frappuccinos...

Do you like being photographed? Are there certain ways that you prefer to be photographed over others, or maybe in a particular setting? I don't like it at all. There's nothing that makes it better or more comfortable.

What I do love is being at photo shoots. The process of setting up, positioning the lights, watching the photographer scope out the location, all of it is fun, good times. Until I have to get in the shot. Yesterday was one of those days that was mostly fun, good times. I was at a warehouse in Pomona, Ca. with our angelo:HOME product photographer, Inta and her assistant Kate. I barely had to be in the photographs. We spent most of the afternoon looking for interesting spots to shoot new upholstered pieces, that will be available this Spring. We also had cheeseburgers and frappuccinos. It was a very fancy affair. I was in shorts (It's in the 80's here is SoCal---sorry to my Midwest and East Coast friends) and we had a blast just goofing around. It was actual work that will be used to showcase the product, but it really felt like I was playing hooky from my job.

The photos here are just a couple of random behind the scenes shots from my iPhone. I'll share the more professional looking ones of the new product line--including me driving a forklift, soon.

In the meantime, I highly recommend finding ways to make what you do fun. Maybe it doesn't include warehouse machinery and cheeseburgers, but maybe it could.

Carry on,

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Beth said...

I hate having my picture taken. When I had a head shot done years ago, the photographer shot four rolls of 36. (Actual film; it was a long time ago.) Luckily, there was one that worked. He knew it when he shot it. He snapped the shutter, looked around from behind the camera, and said, "I think that's the shot." I asked him to tell me what number it was on the roll. And when I got the contact sheets, yup, sure enough, that was the best one.

I never did book anything from that head shot. But it was fun to sign a few of 'em for friends.

You, though, are very photogenic. So, you might not like the camera, but the camera certainly likes you.

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