Monday, January 9, 2012

happy new year...

I'm late to the party.

What else is new? 

How were your Holidays? Feeling good about the New Year, even though it may be our last, according to those "life o' the party" Mayans? 

I had a spectacular Season and the New Year is off to a fantastic start. I was going to write "amazing" but someone recently told me that the word "amazing" has been put on the "out list" of words by some place/body/thing that puts things on out lists. So, screw it---it WAS amazing. You know what happens when you put something on an out list? I want in. 

It's silly, really.

You already know my feelings about trends in decor...who cares? If you're trying to decorate and express your own personal style in a space, a trend has absolutely nothing to do with that. Actually, designing based on a trend is a sure fire way to NOT create personal expression. Sure, being aware of what's out there is great and sometimes can be inspiring, but how many trends have you come across where you thought to yourself, "their kidding with that, right?" If it's not the appropriate fit for you, no matter how "hot" it is, it's not the way to go. I feel the same about said "out of trend" word--AMAZING.

So, speaking of *amazing* I have been in the market for a cart since moving to New York a year and a half ago. You know the kind, the ones that little old ladies use for their groceries. They're usually metal and have oversized, large wheels and pretty much scream, "I am not sexy in any way, but I certainly appreciate form and function. Also, I make a delicious soup." I want one. Mind you, carrying groceries around the city, back to my apt has actually acted as a form of aerobic exercise for me. Since I am not a gym goer and the idea holds absolutely no appeal, the bag carrying has been quite useful. Maybe I'll put out a work-out DVD: "Rock Hard Abs by Carrying Lots of Soft Cheeses.

My quest for the cart has lead me to various incarnations and quite frankly, the one I really want is usually already with it's original owner. It seems like the old, great looking, metal carts are in use and the new ones at the drug and hardware stores look, well--cheap. I saw a nice one (minus the plasticky wheels) at The Container Store, but I felt at the time it was too pricey ($79). 

Then, I saw THIS from Creatures Of Comfort. Now the $79 dollar one seems like a bargain. Aside from the sea foam color (a simple gunmetal grey would suffice), I love everything else about this. Everything! The canvas bag, the wheels, the frame, AND the fact that it can be a backpack-What the What?! 

Happy New Year Kids. 
I hope it's filled with everything you love!


Beth said...

$490?! What the what??

That's insane! That's beyond insane! That's amazingly insane!

And to think that when I moved out of my last apartment, I left my bubbie cart in the front closet, figuring I wouldn't need it anymore and the next tenant likely would. Also, it was too short for me to wheel around comfortably, so speaking of it being not a sexy piece of equipment, my hunched-overness really did not add to the allure.

I very much applaud your workout DVD idea! Mmm ... . Cheese ... .

Gary said...


Guess I need to break out the arc welder and make a few of these. The sad thing is, I have just about all the supplies needed to make that little number laying about the shed. The wheels may be a little bigger, but still wire spoke type. The only thing I don’t have is the canvas, yet. Let’s see what I can come up with in the next couple of weeks - gary

Samantha said...

Funny. I have been considering a cart as well but fear it will put me solidly in the Old Lady Zone.

angelo said...

Beth- You know what you need to do. I suggest you dress warmly and pack some snacks on your way to your first apartment tomorrow. Godspeed.

Gary- Please don't break out the arc welder for my account, but if you're making one for yourself, heck I'd love to see what you come up with. I'll probably get one of those authentic $20 Old Lady Carts sooner than later.

Bromeliad- I heat what you're saying. I'm fully embracing the "Old Lady Zone." If I had hair, it'd be blue.

Happy New Year to You All!

Now where'd I put my butterscotch candies.

Anonymous said...

$490-Wow!! It is chic though! I snagged my grandmother's when she moved from her independent apt into the assisted living wing and no longer needed it. Although I live in Oregon and have a car, I use it all the time! It is great for nurseries, big box stores, etc as well. I must admit I do get the looks for being in my 40's and outwardly agile pulling a granny cart! Embracing the blue hair in us all :) CMT

Beth said...

Heh. I think the current tenant(s) might have a problem with my breaking and entering. No need to dress warmly, though. The temps are frighteningly moderate these days.

By the way, if you can't find your stash of butterscotch candies, I always keep a few in the pocket of my housecoat, the one with the rick-rack trim. What I really need is a chain for my glasses so I can wear them around my neck. Oh, and a threadbare cardigan sweater.

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