Sunday, January 22, 2012

movies made me do it...

Did you ever cut class to go to the movies? I did. A lot.

Going to the movies was not high on the list of things my parents and I did. As a matter of fact, I was forbidden to see them. I grew up in a very conservative and religious home and going to the movies was considered an act against the big wig in the sky. Even G-Rated movies were frowned upon since they glorified secular behavior. I was determined to get in on the whole movie thing somehow. My poor parents were doomed.

So, movies became my version of "smoking in the alley after school" rebellion. I saw as many as I could sneak in. There were a lot. To this day, going to a film is my religious experience. Everything about it is magical. I love previews, I love the way a theater smells and feels and I'm in heaven when the theater goes completely dark and the screen starts to glow. Love it.

I learned a lot from films and for the longest time I thought of (and worked towards) being an actor. I should have known that it would not come to pass, because I would talk about the way rooms were styled just as much as the performances or the story. I'd notice the shape of a chair, the fabric on the drapes, the type of finish on a table, wall color. It was mesmerizing to me. I read as many books as I could find of movie making. All aspects of film fascinated me. Actors, the good ones, were my Gods and the rooms they moved in on film were my minds playground for the lives I wanted to live.

When I actually gave up the idea of actually making a career out of acting and took design seriously, I would ask my clients what movies they loved. What rooms/homes from films they coveted or were inspired by. It was one of the tools I used in getting a better understanding of who my client was and how I could best express that with design. 

Then came the opportunity to design my own line of furniture. I wanted to be able to combine style with affordability. But, I also wanted to design pieces that when put together, a room could feel cinematic. I wanted a story be told through furniture and accessories. 

To this day, films get me all sorts of excited. A couple of weeks ago I saw "The Artist." I'm not even sure how to describe what's going on in my head right now, but I can guarantee you there's a whole lot of designing going on!



HD Silversmith said...

Totally hear you, brother, as you know! Still true for me today.

Beth said...

I love this post, especially: "Actors, the good ones, were my Gods and the rooms they moved in on film were my minds playground for the lives I wanted to live."

I also love the idea of asking your clients what movies they loved to get a sense of their style.

Though I am now wondering what it says about my style that my favorite film is set in a prison.

Whuh oh.

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