Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i have a problem...

This problem has been with me since I was a kid. I collect books and magazines. Not the rare or out of print kind, but the ones that I can handle freely and not be too precious with.

I used to spend hours getting lost in the pages of a magazine. Seriously. Hours. I'd be the goofy, nerdy kid who literally would get goosebumps just from walking into a library. The smell of all those books and the fact that there were sooooo many made me instantly feel better.

To this day, one way for me to combat anxiety is to walk into a book store. Granted, the choices available can get me all riled up, but the shelves and shelves of books and magazines can have a calming effect.

Well, it can also be a bit of a problem.

Every corner of my home in Los Angeles and every nook in my NYC apartment is filled. They're on coffee tables, side tables, as decor on a mantle, stacked high and used as a bedside table, piled under a table lamp on a table that isn't high enough, on a shelf in the bathroom, under a cart in the kitchen, above the stove, in a large wooden crate, in a bin made of recycled tires, stacked waist high next to me favorite chair, and of course they fill the traditional book and magazine hangouts--bookcases and magazine racks.

Every so often I weed and edit through them. I can't be too methodical or judicious about the process, or it would never get done and eventually I would perish in a pile of printed and bound paper. There are worse fates.
I toss out mags, donate or giveaway books without the slightest hesitation. It's not a natural process, it's just the way it has to be.

The challenge is that, for the most part--at first glance, they don't look like they are taking over my life. Using them in neat, stacked ways, or in display piles make for an aesthetic kind of mess. Actually, that's the key to having too much of anything...neat mess. Finding way to not only posses, but display what we may have too much of is key. Part of the reason I have all these paper bound cuties is because I think they look good. Tossing them into a random pile somewhere doesn't give them their due respect. -angelo


Beth said...

Oh, hello. Have we met?

Same problem.

I'm getting better about it. I force myself to only have on book on my bedside table, as opposed to the pile on the floor. I have stacks of magazines that are waiting to go to the local hospital's surgery waiting room once flu season is over. And I have to let subscriptions lapse from time to time, or else, indeed, they'd find me suffocated under glossy pages.

I did a big book purge a few years ago. I could still let go of more. But it's hard.

Shannon Summers said...

Haha is it strange that I wish I had that problem? I'm about to move into my condo and I have this weird empty loftish area in my bedroom that I think would make a really sweet library only problem is I only buy books I will read more than once (*cough Twilight cough*). So I have like 20 books....every thing else is on my kindle.

So my darling Angelo if you're looking to purge some of your book collection I'm your gal! Otherwise I'm definitely going to be hitting up good will and half price books to fill my shelves!

Miss you! XOXOXO-
Shannon snooki Summers

angelo said...

Beth- Apparently we have met and share an affliction. Don't try the ointment. It doesn't work and it smells.

Shannon- I wish I knew! I have recently purged some books and currently am in an "OK" space with what I have. Go Forth and Book Yourself Snooks! Hope to see you at High Point.

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