Saturday, February 11, 2012

love actually...

This time of year usually doesn't automatically put me in the "love mood." It's not because I'm necessarily a skeptic or a grouchy McGroucherson about it. Actually, I'm kind of a big sap. Commercials have been known to get me all teary, and those are just the ones about ice cream. Imagine the emotional mess over something deeper. I'm just not a fan of forced feelings.

I hope that the people that I love know it. All the time.

Also, my love of things in rose, lavender and creamy white hues has been growing greater and greater every year. Here are a few faves that are lovely regardless of the date on the calendar. -angelo


HD Silversmith said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: you're a master of collage and combination. Happy Valentine's day (in advance).

Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement about the 'forced' nature of VDay. I might like it better if we turned it into a dress-up in costume kinda holiday.

I LOVE the lamps in the top photo. Thanks for the link to the site.

Beth said...

Well, how nice to see the sabl├ęs included. Thank you.

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