Thursday, March 22, 2012

amy poehler didn't eat my bread...

Are your days a little packed with too much stuff? Is there always something to do? I feel ya.

Recently I had a birthday and a friend wanted to take me out to lunch. I panicked. Not because I didn't want to hang out with my friend or go to lunch, come on---you all know my love of all things food and eating, but because I couldn't wrap my mind around taking a chunk of time off. My friend thought it would be a great idea, and highly suggested that I take the whole day off. What were these words coming out of his mouth? Whole day off, you say?! Tell me more of this foreign, yet magical concept.

His plan was to take me to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch. I had never been there and have always wanted to go. He then suggested I take the remainder of the day and just explore my favorite L.A. haunts. Hang out. Grab a drink with anyone I wanted to see, or just by myself. Go to the beach...You get the drill.

Well, the day started at the Polo Lounge. It was a gorgeous day and the Lounge did not disappoint.  First, let me say that if I was a bazillionaire, I would use my first Jillions to help foster peace and good works across the land--Then, I'd use the remaining stash to hole myself up at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

It's a throw back to Old Hollywood in the best way. Great bar and the patio/garden area is all things SoCal Casual Chic. I was all in. The food was delicious and I had a celebrity sighting---Amy Poehler was a couple of tables to my right. How awesomely talented and beautiful is she?! Huge crush and she gave my TLC show "Clean Sweep" a shout out during This SNL Skit. Plus, she's only one degree of separation away from my other crush Tina Fey. My friend and I thought we were being funny and clever and fantasized about sending over our half eaten bread basket, our butter dish that had just remnants of unused, melted butter and a few lemon wedges from our water. We were going to bundle it all up in our bread basket, then give it our waiter to deliver to her table...compliments of our table. Of course I chickened out and thought it may be my last time at the Polo Lounge after that stunt. Also, she was in a middle of what seemed to be a serious conversation and I didn't want to disrupt that. My friend and I were quite amused with ourselves though. We even made up the conversation that would follow with Amy, after she had received our "compliments of table..." basket. Of course she was quite taken and pleased with us, in our imaginary scenario.  

After lunch I drove to the Brentwood Country Mart to get some ice cream and wound up running into an old friend and the owner of Caffe Luxxe. The best coffee in Los Angeles, if not the Universe. We caught up, laughed, solved a few world problems and had some great coffee.

The evening was all about hanging out with a small group of friends at the house. There was good food, music, wine and of course cake! Entertaining really is one of my favorite things, and getting ready to entertain is just as fun for me. 

So, the lesson for the day and hopefully my life, was that taking the day off didn't hurt. It helped. Also, I only thought about work at one time during the whole day--when somebody else brought it up. I changed the subject. 

See about scheduling a day off for yourself.

make it happen:


Beth said...

I am very sure Amy would have been delighted by your stunt, but yes, best to not interrupt a meeting. Next time, though.

And good for you for you and your very-well-deserved day off. I think you should take more of them. People do that, you know. On a regular basis. You're looking for a series of two days called a "weekend." You might have a few lurking somewhere in your life. I'd try to find those suckers. They're awesome.

dstoutholcomb said...

lol...I watched the skit (again, because I did see it years ago) and thought how ironic..because I did get the free Swiffer... ;)

I agree, she would have loved the bread joke, but you were right to hold back, this time.

Yes, taking a day for oneself is a great gift--I'm glad you had that day. Some day I'll get my free day.

Tammy@InStitches said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a birthday !

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