Saturday, March 10, 2012

bed layering...

 Remember the episode of Friends  when Rachel makes a "traditional"  English trifle for dessert? 

 All the layers? The beef, peas, 
 onions along with the lady fingers,  jam, custard & whipped cream? 
 It's a Classic!

 I love that episode.

I'm a big fan of layers. It's what makes for the best design and when it comes to your bedroom, especially your bed--layering is THE way to go in order to create a wonderfully cozy and inviting space. With Silverline's bedroom makeover, I knew that she was not afraid of color. Her favorites are purple and orange. She didn't want her bedroom to feel neutral, but she did want it to be soothing and relaxing while still being vibrant.

Even though Silverline is not a fan of earth tones, the best way to make bold color choices work in any room is to find ways to create a neutral foundation without dulling your daring color scheme.

In this case, I used a chocolate leather bed along with a bedding base of tans, browns and khakis. Then, it was ALL about the layering. Adding a few different hues of orange in accent pillows, providing texture with a throw in gray, and even silky sheets in a great plum color. Then, repeating those choices throughout the room with accessories and furnishings really made for a well balanced space. Creating your own layered look is really easy if you know your starting point. You can view more details on this, along with the importance of making sure you've repeated some of your bedding color choices throughout the room, in the video below. Go Forth and Layer!

The full reveal is coming soon, along with Silverline's thoughts on the whole process and more tips on how to make any room in your home feel more like you and your style! I promise, no beef with whipped cream, but there are croissants & tears---of course.  -angelo


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes. I feel like layering is the best way to get that hotel feel. We use two down comforters, a throw, and several different shape pillows. Love it!

dstoutholcomb said...

gorgeous makeover!

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