Wednesday, March 21, 2012

grilled cheese your room...

One of my favorite meals that I used to beg for as a kid was grilled cheese. The simple, yet classic American kind that is white bread with Kraft cheese slices. I rarely scored this culinary wonder due to my parents belief that if it didn't have feta cheese in it, it didn't count as food. Those kooky Greeks. What is a grilled cheese loving individual to do? I'd vow to make it everyday when I was old enough to have my own place, and I did for quite sometime.

A funny thing happened along the way to my grilled cheese marathon. I started layering it. Sometimes with some pecorino romano, other times with parmesan or pepperoni, maybe even cheese encrusted outer bread layers, and dare I say--occasionally with feta as well! It took my beloved melty cheese and bread scenario to spanking new heights.

Your room is a little like that grilled cheese sandwich. How much "oooomph" you want is based on how much layering and different elements you want to use. Sometimes, keeping it simple can be just as glorious.

Now, we've talked about layering before. 

It doesn't always have to be bold, colorful and pattern driven. It can also be neutral without the stigma of it being blah. Starting off with a great room that has a base color palette that can change as your decorating needs, and style does is essential. Find a wall color that can easily transition between modern, traditional, antique, or your favorite flea market finds. Tan, Grays, Whites and some hues of the newer neutrals like Blue, Lavender, and Brown can help with your transformations.

Play with your base color. Find ways to layer it on by moving across the color/hue spectrum. If your walls are a toasted tan color and you have similar colored wall to wall carpeting, add the layer of a rug. It can be as simple as a slightly darker or lighter hue than the carpeting, but with a defining border on it. If you have hardwood floors or tile, for sure add a rug! 

Do the same with your drapes. Maybe change it up by finding a fabric that has some texture to it, but still has a very similar color as your walls. Or, a drape with a tone on tone pattern, a contrasting border or some color blocking. Either way, keep it in your color foundation family.

If the room is going to be built around a large piece of furniture (sofa, bed, dining table, etc) make that choice a neutral one. A sofa that can morph from traditional to modern just by a few accent pillow changes and a new chair is an ingredient I want in my room at all times! This is your version of the little black dress or that great navy suit---Get it, you can't go wrong.

Layer on some feta. 

Play with color/texture in your accessories, lighting and even in your woods. If you're choosing accent pieces that are essentially the same color as your foundation/main purchases, look for ways to make them a bit different. Maybe it's the wood grain, a detail in a lamp shade, a find that has some age and character. Whatever those details are, make sure and include them because it will make all your other choices come alive and work for you! -angelo

make it happen:


Beth said...

Oh, I so need to grilled cheese this room. Thanks for the expertise.

Mom used to make grilled cheeses for us with Velveeta. It's a wonder I'm alive to write this.

But speaking of beloved, melty-cheese sammiches, the next time you're in Chicago, you may want to visit MELT. The menu:

dstoutholcomb said...

I like it--I'll make you a grilled sandwich. My 6yob loves them a lot.

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