Thursday, March 29, 2012

do you know what you want?...

Sometimes you can't have it all.

But, you can have all your design dreams come true in your room. And the beauty of that dream is that you don't have to start from scratch. You probably already have a good foundation.

Making it all work requires some understanding of what you're wanting your space to feel like, just as much as you're interested in how it looks.

I have so many ideas of what I want a room to be, feel like, look like and inspirations from other sources, that trying to mash them all together in one home or even one space can wind up, not only overwhelming the room, but not really serving any of the ideas fully.

When I'm working on a Collection, there's always a very specific feel I'm after. There could have been a spark of inspiration in color, or style in something I saw that gets the ball rolling. Ultimately, I think of how it's going to be used and how it can make a room feel. Everyone doesn't go out and buy a whole collection--even if it's shown that way. Most of us add pieces that fill a need. We contribute to what's already there.

Something that's exciting for me as a designer, is to have items that can instantly create a lift--a new perspective to what's already there. Even if it's a single piece that is a jumping off point to inspire a new wall color for you. Or maybe something as easy as creating a new color palette to your existing base. You can combine ideas and colors without creating a busy looking room just by some simple repetition, and combining just a couple of styles--instead of all your faves thrown into the mix. Having it all, doesn't necessarily have to happen in the same room.

Already having a neutral sofa, flooring and window treatments can be a wonderful foundation. The "out there" purchase, may be an opportunity to add some additional dimensions to your room.

If you brought in a chair with some color and pattern, follow that through. Repeat your choice in smaller, less expensive ways, in order to make that one new purchase feel right at home. Find that one main style voice you are looking to incorporate and repeat it. Plus, you get the added bonus of your existing items getting a new kind of attention. Your room starts to feel put together and not in a cookie-cutter sort of way.

Also, think about how you're going to use the room and pick items accordingly. If something you already have isn't useful, put it in another room. Let there be space for the way you really want to live.

To avoid the matchyness syndrome, make sure and add some funk. A piece or two that may not make sense in the moment, but it makes all the sense in the world as far as your own personality is concerned. Maybe it's a hand me down, old, almost a bit kitschy oil painting, or your grandma's old wooden coffee table you gave a fresh coat of paint to, or even the vacation/flea market find that instantly brings you back.

Rooms/Homes shouldn't be filled with "all new." Our stories are being told inside the walls of our homes. Make them as interesting as you are.

You can have it all, over time! I promise.

Go forth and design well -angelo

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Beth said...

Ooh, I love the table in the last row. And the trophies, please. And your new chocolaty-brown chair.

janzi said...

Its so interesting to hear yet again of someone who likes to re arrange the furniture and move objects around to give a new feel to a room.. I have always done it, and my parents used to laugh at me for making it all look so different that when they got home sometimes, they had to check it was the right house!! I continued when I was married with small children, we all had a go in each of the bedrooms, and changed rooms back and forth, and now I find this method amongst designers, so maybe that was what was trying to get out.. I love your blog its quite inspiring and I shall be following you now!! J

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