Tuesday, April 10, 2012

design, supporting player...


Do you have a weekend kind of room?

You know, the kind of space that you can put your feet up in, eat in, read in, share coffee with a neighbor in?

It's my favorite kind of room, really.

I love creating spaces that make the people that live in them---comfortable.

Style is great, but it really doesn't excite me until it meets it's much needed friend, comfort. In the rooms where they meet, design become less observed and more interactive.

Also, it's the foundation of what is, I think, the most important thing about great design---the supporting player. It shouldn't be center stage, your life should. Design should help to move your story along, support the main action and make it all look good.

When we design our rooms with the intent, to not only make stylish choices, but ones that are created for the way we live--we give way to the best possible home for ourselves. It tells out story beautifully and above all, with comfort.

The short video above shows our team working together to create an angelo:HOME vignette of a weekend kind of room--hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

Go forth and design well. -angelo

make it happen 1. 2. 3.
1. Don't be afraid to mix patterns. Here we have a floral print Harlow chair with one of our classic stripes. It works since they are both in the same color family, the solid red velvety sofa is their anchor, and there are plenty of other neutrals to support the pattern and color choices.

2. Repeat your bold choice and make it stick. The red velvet angelo sofa was a decision that could not be ignored. If it wasn't repeated, it would feel adrift, alone, and like an afterthought as opposed to one part of a complete and cohesive room.

3. Cue the woods! From the dark wooden lamp bases (great way to frame a room that has a lot of light, and white as a backdrop) to the Harleston coffee and end table, to the Bowery plant stands, and to the antique wood side table--these natural elements give our room depth, character and texture. Personally, I feel the snacks help as well--just sayin'.


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dstoutholcomb said...

My "weekend room" is my living room--the kids never seem to find me when I'm in there. My coffee table (bought with Christmas $$ ~1998) is very simlar to the one from your collection and I have three different end tables in that room--an antique mahogany pie crust table (family piece); a 1940's table I use as an end table, but I think it was really designed as a small coffee table and has "cigarette" legs (flea market find); an a 1980's, small round table with three shelves (from my MIL). Somehow, it all works.

I think the only furniture we actually paid for out-of-pocket were the couches. Dry sink, inherited; comb back windsor, MIL; and 1940's magazine rack, was mine as a kid, and my mom got it second-hand. The most precious thing in the room--the double wedding ring quilt my grandma made. A story for another time because this is your blog, not mine.

Thanks for making me believe I can design.

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