Tuesday, May 29, 2012

tim burton dreams...

I admire bold choices, odd selections and out from left field style statements. Really, I do. And, when I have a client who is *that* person, it's a blast to create a home where I can do that. It's fun to live out my fantasy of styling a Tim Burton movie, or thinking like a theme park designer on an unlimited budget.

Good Times!

For me, I'm less adventurous in my own home and product line.

I like when things feel familiar with just a touch of whimsy or oddness.

I've chosen to participate in a career/life that for lack of a better word is, bizarro. When I come home, I want it to be real, soothing, comfortable and without too much obvious design effort.

Think about your perfect room, perfect home. Does it already exist in real life, or in your imagination? Do you create it and then forget it, or are you always evolving? Always nudging the space forward?

How do you go about making your house the home that's comfortable for you?

Oh, and if you know Tim Burton, tell him I think he's crazy brilliant.


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Beth said...

Oh, Tim Burton. What a mind. I think I need to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" again now.

I trust you know of "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy," but if not: http://www.amazon.com/Melancholy-Death-Oyster-Other-Stories/dp/0688156819

angelo said...

I do. I do know of it and he is kooky awesome. I am in awe of his tremendous talents...

Anonymous said...

First, I love your plant stands and pots. I think my home is ever evolving. With each new piece I bring home, each item I edit out, I'm getting closer to achieving that perfect mixture of comfort, familiarity and purpose. My home must, by my own demand, be a canvas for all of my many pursuits. However, each room must also make me breathe a sigh of relief; "home!"

angelo said...

GirlRural- I completely agree!

dstoutholcomb said...

If I were an actress, I would want to be in a Tim Burton movie and star opposite Johnny Depp! Wouldn't we all?

You're a designer--you design for specific personalities, and it's reflected in the rooms/decor/ideas you create.

Most people only need a touch of "whimsy or oddness", otherwise one can feel like they're living in a freak show or a cold place. Who wants a sterile room? Okay, there are some that do, but that would be claustrophobic to most. One can have too much of a thing--whatever the thing is.

Your home relects YOU! Your homes are gorgeous! They don't look like a museum--they look like HOME. A very well-designed, but comfortable and liveable home.

I've learned my home is a constant work in progress; it has evolved over the years. I also have learned to purge what doesn't work or is no longer loved.

Had a yard sale a few weeks ago. Sold some things I purged out of my home a while ago--old, outdated country decor. Does my home still have the "farmhouse country" look? Of course. But, it's an evolved level of decor.

My friends always tell me they feel comfortable in my home, because it feels like a home--makes me think I have a touch of flair for design. ;)

angelo said...

Denise- Well Said! Your home is perfect. A great reflection of the way you live and who you are...

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