Wednesday, June 6, 2012

baxter meets the press...

From the creative mind behind Design Milk, Jaime Derringer a truly gifted, awesome woman with an incredibly discerning and unique point of view, brings us--DOG MILK.

Her impeccable tastes have found their way to Baxter. As it should be. He's really the brains and talent behind this whole angelo:HOME operation. You can read all about him HERE and see more adorable pics of the little man.

He is always more than camera ready, at all times. I'm happy to pass that baton over to him! Baxter thanks you Dog Milk, as only he can--by being incredibly aloof and nonplussed. -angelo


Beth said...

During a work lull, I clicked through to read the post.

I adore that he likes his food with a sprinkling of cheese!

Truly, a human in a dog suit.

And so damn cute.

I'm glad you found each other.

dstoutholcomb said...

My little Johnny, 7yob, would be jealous because he wants a dog like that. He loves the video of Baxter playing fetch.

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