Thursday, June 7, 2012

black and white...

color block it:
When I look at my wardrobe I find it is made up of appox. 80% black shirts. And this was even before I moved to New York, where it's the city's uniform.

When a client is ever in doubt about wall color and just wants to play it "safe"--I go with white. Pure white.

When I'm a bit out of sorts, I watch an old B&W film, pour myself a good Scotch and I'm on the road to recovery.

If there's a photo you've had for a while that you're not too fond of, have it converted to B&W.
You'll like it better. Trust me.

I love my iPad and all sorts of other gadgets, but nothing thrills me more than getting a hold of a hefty Sunday New York Times with all that glorious Black Type on White paper.

You get the idea.

When in doubt, in life and in design. go with the tried and true classics. -angelo


Beth said...

Just as your wardrobe in college was nothing but green, my wardrobe in college – and we had actual wardrobes, not closets, in my dorm – was black. Nothing but black. I really should have taken a picture. It would amuse me now.

I'm delighted to own your Bradstreet chairs in the black tile pattern. They "designer-y" without being ostentatious.

Oh, and I would like that black oval frame, please.

Dixie said...

I love the Sutton Chair in black,charcoal & cream paisley so I went on line to purchase it... then I found it in Lemongrass Paisley... oops! got that one. I own the Harlow chair in yellow check... I guess I'm an Angelo Home Yellow fan!

angelo said...

Beth- Yes, a picture of that would be great. You can put it in that new frame of yours.

Dixie- You own one of my all time favorite pieces, the Harlow in yellow check. I have it in a box in my garage (there's no more room in my house) and I'm waiting for the day that I can use it. Thanks for being an angelo:HOME fan!

dstoutholcomb said...

Black is a staple for me--I carry a black purse year round. I own several--all black. Lots of black slacks. Got a pair at the Talbot's outlet for $3.86 marked down from $89.99. Bought a black blouse and sweater that day, too. Almost all my shoes are black. I'd fit in NYC with no problem.

And I have at least 1 black item in each room for decor. If I didn't have boys, I'd use more white. I have quite a large white milk glass collection in hiding in my basement.

You can't beat a good B&W Film Noir movie, either.

Cari said...

Not really sure where to look first! I love these choices.

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