Monday, June 4, 2012


color blocit:
Sometimes you find something that you can use over and over again. You know what I mean?

Blue is that color for me.

I have to find ways to not overuse it. It's everywhere in my wardrobe, along with a lot of black, and it wants to creep into all parts of my design work.

The thing that most draws me to the color, is it's association with water. I love being near water, looking at it and if the conditions are right--being in it.

As far as blue in the world of your home, you kinda can't go wrong here.

It's the perfect, classic companion to lots of browns and earth tones while still making everything feel fresh and modern. Plus, it moves well with the changing seasons. See, it's really difficult for me to find reasons not to love and use it!

Also, it's the color of me people and since I'm a pisces, water is my thing apparently.
Blue, I happily give in to your ways. -angelo


Beth said...

Ooh, yes, blue.

I love the slate-y grey-blue that you use on lots of your pieces. I keep wanting to paint a room that color.

And blueberries! It's that time of year ... !

Bromeliad said...

Blue is my fav right now.

Christa said...

My dining room is blue. The color is called Flint Smoke. It's a beautiful passing rain storm, sun trying to peek out, late in the afternoon blue. It was the first color I chose for my house and I was instantly drawn to it. It didn't require my per usual Goldie Locks method of color process of elimination from a pile of chips; to blue, to bright, to drab, to yellow, to dark, to light, to green, etc. Seven years its been on my walls and I've yet to grow tired of it. Now if I can just find the paint color for my bedroom which has been devoid of paint for seven years (with the exception to paint swatches that've been on the wall for five)!!! LOL

angelo said...

Christa- I know that blue! It is gorgeous and you're right, it's one that you cannot tire of.

Beth- Blueberries! Woo to the Hoo...

dstoutholcomb said...

blue--peaceful and calming, or electrifying depending on the shade, but always beautiful

I can think of a lot of song titles with "blue", but I always remember my daddy's truck called "old blue".

Kelly Pelley said...

Love the blue.. So many awesome shades. I have blue as a reoccurring theme in my home.

kylie said...

I adore your blue. The one you use in your pieces. Also, I would like to live in the blue of those marshmallows.

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