Thursday, June 28, 2012

the daily tip...

Usually we're meeting under different circumstances.

There's a camera, a co-host or two, and of course coffee.

Well, the coffee is ever present but the camera and co-hosts are nowhere to be found. It's nice.
Moment of truth. I'm not fond of the camera and sometimes, the co-hosts are annoying as well. I'd much rather bring you TDT unencumbered. This way, I can be unshaven, in my boxers, slouched over my keyboard. My parents would be mortified by this. As they should be.

So, let me take another sip from the mug and a bite of freshly made chocolate chip cookie (a batch was made late last night) and proceed with The Daily Tip.

Let's talk about color, layering, choosing the appropriate scale furniture and how it can change the mood of a room. We certainly have discussed this before, but judging by the amount of ask angelo questions I get about this, I think we can never discuss it enough. It really is one of the biggest foundations to getting the room of your dreams. And, I want to help you get there.

Here (in these lifestyle pics) we have the exact same room, same tables/lighting/drapes/wall color/time of day and sofa. The top picture has the angelo:HOME Tucker Sofa in the khaki brown twill, and the photo below has it in the green bamboo twill.

The rugs have changed as well. The major difference is the way the room feels. With the more neutral sofa and rug the room takes on a soothing and classic feel. When you add color and a bolder pattern to the mix, the room appears a bit more energized.

When building your own space, think about the focus and mood you want to create. Are you going for subdued and soothing, or something a little more playful and vibrant. Without changing wall colors, you can achieve either of those looks through your furniture and accessory selections.

A large piece of furniture, like a sofa, can help to set the tone as well as be "the thing" a room revolves around. If you're having trouble figuring out if a certain piece of furniture is right for your space, a roll of tape can be your best friend and design assistant. Plus, it's the most low maintenance assistant you'll ever have. I recommend using painter's tape. It's not so sticky that when you peel it away, the architecture comes with it.

Get the dimensions on the pieces of furniture you are thinking of purchasing. Then, mark those measurements with the tape onto the area in the room where you would like them to live. Tape out the width and the length. Box it out.

If you're putting a sofa, or anything else up against a wall, it's important that you tape the height up the wall and across. You can't get a full and accurate picture of scale in your space, until you are familiar with not only the length and depth of something, but also it's height. On that note, if you're marking out the territory for say, a coffee table and you want to get a sense of height--stack some books up to the height of said coffee table.

Stand back. Move around. Dance a bit and flail your arms. Ok, maybe there's no need for the latter, but you get the idea. This will begin to give you a sense of space and what is possible. More importantly, what may not be possible.

Your serene or jolt of energy room is in your hands. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with. I'm right HERE. -angelo

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Beth said...

Pleased as I am to see your java-quaffing face in the video versions, I'm glad you had the chance to Daily Tip and be schlubby.

I'm loving the Greek-key-esque/maze-like accent pillows!

Unknown said...

Love it! Furniture placement is key .. everyone should use that trick of taping the measurements to the floor. : )

Cari said...

However The Daily Tip comes, I am happy to have it!

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