Monday, June 4, 2012


coloblock it:
When I was in college I remember a classmate saying to me, "Everything in your closet must be a variation of a shade of green. It's like you're a Greek leprechaun."

I hadn't really thought about it. Nor had I looked at my closet and wondered what color palette was most predominant. So, that's what I did later that night. I stared at my closet and he was right, almost every other article of clothing had some kind of green hue to it.

Back in the day, I was big on sweaters and blazers and almost all of them (I discovered) had either a green tint to them, or they were just "green!" Even all my non jean pants were green.

What the What?! Was my green obsession looming beyond my closet? How is this possible, I was a fine art major.

I was used to dabbling in all the colors of the spectrum. Clearly, there was some mistake.

Then, I looked around my apartment. There was a small collection of vintage/flea market green vases, green plates from Crate & Barrel, a green comforter, I even had a green accent wall in the living room. My wallet was green dyed leather!

I was my very own one man Irish Pride Parade, in my apartment. I even loved that my hometown, Chicago, made the already greenish Chicago River--even greener for St. Patrick's Day.

Also, it should be noted, one of my favorite movies is "The Wizard of Oz" and every time they come upon the Emerald City, I smile.

The love affair for the color has not waned.

Actually, it has just evolved to incorporate more shades of the emerald hue. -angelo O'surmelis


dstoutholcomb said...

Love green, too, for decor. That kitchen sink is gorgeous! I even drive a green minivan...the mom-mobile.

If you were to check my closet, I have a penchant for wearing purple. Except on Fridays, because in this town it means you support a certain pro football team. My pro team wears green.

Beth said...

Greek leprechaun! Ha!

I'm with you on the green front. I'm all about green. Though the green in my closet shares space with a lot of grey.

I think I might be drab.

P.S. I like these color posts!

angelo said...

Denies- That sink IS gorgeous! Beth- Drab?! I think not.

Beth said...

Well, I do own a hot-pink shirt.

I should probably wear it sometime.

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