Friday, June 29, 2012


However you spell it, I am a ginormous fan of the color Grey
Be it a warm or cool version, it is a must have in my design bag o' tricks.

I even painted grey horizontal stripes in my dining room and my kitchen is also a greyish/blue hue.

It not only finds it's way into everything I design, it finds it's way into almost everything in my life. The only place I have yet to embrace it, is in my food options. Other than one of my favorite mustards, Grey Poupon, which of course we all know is not grey in the least--the actual grey hue is not a "got to" food color choice.

Here's the thing about the color, it makes everything else it comes in contact with in your room better.

You want to go daring with color, pattern and texture? Add some grey and watch it all work as seamlessly, as a perfectly engineered sports car let loose on the autobahn.

You've decided to put Lady GaGa and her meat dress to shame with your over the top wardrobe choices? Slap on some charcoal grey Louboutins, a wide, shiny, grey leather belt with a pewter buckle into the mix, and Anna Wintour will call your fashion venture: "New Sophisticate"

If I could give you one color palette as a go-to, no matter what is going on in your room, it would be grey. It will make everything better. Trust me.

Go Forth and Grey/Gray.

color block it:


Beth said...

Oh, yay! Grey!

I was wondering if it would get its own post, given that you also blogged Black and White.

Grey and green are my favorites, especially greyish green.

Wendy said...

I am slowly warming up to the color grey. Your pictorial is helping that cause too.

dstoutholcomb said...

Hurray for Grey! I love Grey!

I drink Earl Grey. My first real pumps were grey--wore them to my first formal, Belle's Ball. I think I might still have the matching grey mini clutch.

But mostly, I love my grey kitchen. I was giving the color a second thought until my favorite designer said he loved it too! Thank you, A! When you complimented the color that day--it reinforced my decision was the right one. Not one of my other friends has a grey kitchen, either!

Love the Royal typewriter!

Sarah M. said...

Yay. Grey. I love it. I use it. I am happy about this post and all the pictures.

d said...

just starting to like grey..I am warming up to it...hmmm...

d said...

hmmm..just warming up ro Grey myself...did my bedroom walls and love it!..I am NOT afraid of color..but grey..hmm..I amm getting there

NatalieB. said...

Love grey/gray. It seems like a very sophisticated color. I don't use it much in my home, but wear it often - especially in the winter. I think it's cozy.

I've enjoyed these ColorBlocks! Your pics are consistently amazing!


Cari said...

I have never used gray in my home decor. I think I ma changing my mind about it. Your blog is wonderful and the images are stunning!

-amy said...

I love Grey. So much that it is also my 6 year old's name!

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