Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sometimes, it doesn't take much.

Yesterday was a L.A. Flower Mart morning. There was no agenda, no project to shop for, no rush to find anything in particular. I arrived late, by flower mart standards. 10am. A lot of stalls were closing up shop and some of those that were still operating, looked a bit "picked over."

No worries. I was agenda free. For the first time in a long time, I was content to stroll through the aisles and see what other people were buying. There must have been a crazy look/smile on my face as I strolled, because people that caught my gaze, quickly looked away.

This did not deter me from continuing my walkabout of contentment through The Mart.

I was pretty sure I was going home empty handed, and then, I came upon bunches of hydrangeas. Big bunches. There was no shortage of hydrangeas throughout The Mart. I just thought they were expensive, starting at $7 for a single stem. Seriously?! They grow like weeds, people. The ones that caught my eye were in bunches of at least 5 stems, bound together for $5 a bunch! The sign was large and the woman who was operating the stall said (in a very thick accent). "Best deal here!" All of a sudden I turned on the 80's Valley Speak, "Totally!" I blurted.

I bought $20 worth.

Most wound up in a very large clay pot on the dining table, that I bought a couple of weekend ago at the Ventura Flea Market for $5. The remainder are on the living room mantle. Good times, dude.

It's kinda swell when a "no plan" comes together so effortlessly.

Happy Weekend, Kids.


dstoutholcomb said...

love the deal; love the bouquet in the crock--simple and lovely!

Erin Spain said...

Love hydrangeas! Definitely one of my favorite types of flowers - and what a great bargain! They look beautiful.

-Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

Beth said...

Gorgeous! The best finds are always found when you're not looking.

Seven dollars a stem ... . Give me a break.

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