Friday, August 10, 2012

one room...

...a few different ways.

Since my wall leaning days, I love transforming spaces.

One of my favorite things about photo shoots is just playing around with a room, the hunting and gathering of props, trying to find the best placement of furniture, along with all the possibilities and impossibilities. Oh, snacks of course.

In this case, the homeowner allowed us to take her living room and do whatever, all in one day. Since we were shooting angelo:HOME items, we removed all the existing furnishings and were left with the bones (and view) of a pretty awesome room. Good architecture is half the battle. There was no painting of walls or construction. Other than adding furnishings and props, I went to IKEA and bought simple, inexpensive white curtains. They helped in making the room feel airy and bright. The homeowners loved the new drapes and we left them up for them. They're going to use their beautiful red velvet ones for Fall/Winter.


Our room began to take on many different looks with each set up (a few of the afters are pictured below, and you can see VIDEO of a set up coming together HERE). Everyone had a favorite and the homeowners would come down every so often to peek, and with each set up they'd say, "Oh, THIS one is my favorite. I'd be OK if you forgot it when you packed up!"

The weekend is coming up and if it's not too hot where you are, and you've got some time--move the furniture. Switch up your accessories. Edit. Regroup and watch your room take on a whole new meaning, just by some simple rearrangements.

Go forth and design well. -angelo


dstoutholcomb said...

After is beautiful--of course!

Love the "Gears Accent table with hydrangeas" picture! Very cool!

Beth said...

You create such charming, real spaces.

mrsben said...

Helllllllllllo Angelo. My goodness, I wish I could move at the speed you and your team do. ºÜº
Every room is gorgeous and I am still loving your paisley fabrics. Yep,any colour would look marvelous on a headboard I propose to be making eventually for myself.
Hope you are having a fabulous Summer. Off I go now to play catch-up. -Brenda-

Susie P said...

All the rooms are just amazing, how I wish I could do some of this. Wish the team would come to my house!!!!!

Bromeliad said...

Rearranging is so satisfying.

marian said...

Truly lovely pieces and creative designs. Love Angelo's way of designing - neither plain nor busy.

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