Thursday, September 6, 2012

build it on sale...

There are a few things that really thrill me.

Great food, New York City, A film I can get lost in, and Making a Room come together at a great price.

For the next few days there's an angelo:HOME event going on at Fab. along with Joss & Main.

With these items you can build an entire room (sofa, settee, arm chair, storage bench, sofa/console table, coffee table, end table, fireplace mantle, mirror, 8x10 area rug, lamps, wall sconces, flowers, vase) for appox. $3,000

-Center the rug in you room. 8x10. 
Always go as big as you can with your rugs. 
A small room looks bigger with a large rug, 
and a big room feels more "pulled together."

-Create a "focal point" on a blank wall with the Beekman Fireplace Mantle 
and the Carroll Square Wall Mirror above it. 

-Flank the mirror with wall sconces.

-Have the sofa and settee face each other. 
Making sure that the first set of legs, on each piece, is on the rug

-If you have room, pull the sofa and settee a bit away from the walls.

-Use the Gears Accent Table next to the settee.

-Add the Kara Console table behind the sofa. 
A large vase with flowers and two lamps on either side would be nice.

-Put the storage bench behind the settee. You can obviously use it for storage, and it's light enough to bring around for extra seating when you have guests.

-Center the Spheres Cocktail table between the sofa and settee.

-Face the Sutton Paisley Arm Chair in Cream towards the fireplace between the sofa and settee. You can angle it/favor one side. I'd move it closer to the sofa.

Go forth and design well. -angelo

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dstoutholcomb said...

great deals to be had! have a nice weekend!

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