Tuesday, September 11, 2012

chop suey taco ribs...

If you've already heard this story, feel free to skip right to the RECIPE.

Sometime during my early years of living in Los Angeles, I decided it was time to become a vegetarian.

Here's a little back story.

I had been working at my Dad's restaurant. It was essentially a burger joint with a Greek twist. Needless to say, while there, I had more than my share of cheeseburgers. Since it was a small, fast food shack, everyone (staff was Dad, Mom, Brother and Me) did everything--from working the grill, taking orders, to running to the restaurant supply store at the last minute for more cups and lids. We also served shakes. I made a lot of them. It was one of my specialties.

My Dad, for a true-blooded Greek man, made the best classic American cheeseburger I've ever had.  I averaged about two a day. Then there were the fries, the baklava, the gyro, the most incredible potato and meat burrito you've ever tasted, insanely delicious tacos and carne asada. Yes---we also served Mexican food. He toyed with the idea of introducing Chop Suey. One of my parents favorite foods. Ever. My brother and I discouraged them from the idea. Not that it wouldn't have been amazing, but our tiny little kitchen and back room couldn't handle another epicurean nation being represented.

By the time I had left the little burger/spanakopita/taco/sundae shack, to work in the art department of a magazine (huuuge change), I was a heftier version of myself. Losing some poundage was on the agenda along with losing my hair. I shaved my head, in order to help genetics along, and went about shaving some pounds by forgoing meat (this was waaaay pre-low carb trend eating) and doubling up on the vegetables. I also started running. It was low point. I have not run since. I will not run again. If you chase me with ill intent, I will trip you and speak sternly towards you--but there will be no running. Never running.

I digress--the veggie thing and the running worked. I lost weight and superficially fit in with my new stylish co-workers. I kept this vegetarian scene going for about 7 years. Not the running. That ended very quickly.

Then, one day I was driving down Sunset Blvd and I just wanted a cheeseburger. A plain, simple cheeseburger like my Dad used to make. He had sold the shack at this point--He, my Mom, and Brother had moved back to Chicago. I couldn't get the burger of my dreams, so I went to the first burger joint I saw--In-N-Out. I'm probably one of the few people out there that thinks their burgers are just fine. NOT the earth shattering, need to have kind. What is impressive to me, is how clean their restaurants are, and the friendly and knowledgeable employees. I pulled in. Ordered a double cheeseburger and never looked back. I've been carnivorous ever since.

Which now, finally, brings us to ribs. I love 'em. When done right, they are spectacular. THIS RECIPE, from our very own Baker Beth, makes my mouth water. Plus, How Easy Is This?!

Rib On, Kids!


Beth said...

Ohmygosh, I adore the title of this post and the story behind it! Wait, that deserves a few more exclamation points:

Ohmygosh, I adore the title of this post and the story behind it!!!!!!

Also, I hate running. Hate it. With the fiery passion of 10,000 suns. I have long said that I only run if chased. But I like your solution so much better than mine! No running! Ever! I'm with you!

Also, tomorrow is National Chocolate Milkshake Day. You know what to do.

angelo said...

NATIONAL CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE DAY?! Yes, it needed ALL caps. There's so much to do to prep for it. Oy. Not enough time. I am ON IT!

Beth said...


I'm thinking that sleeping in your car in Fosselman's parking lot tonight may not be an overreaction.

angelo said...

Could NOT agree more.

dstoutholcomb said...


send me a shake tomorrow, too.

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