Sunday, October 21, 2012

fall walk 2012...

Do you ever wonder what motivates you to do your job? 

Other than the basics, shelter and food, what is it that gets you through a long work day? Is it family? Obligation? Passion? A bit of a combo of sorts? 

For me, it's always about remembering why I love design and why it's so important in my life. Somedays, the day mechanics of any job, even if it's what we love, can start to weigh us down. Our love turns not only into a job, but a grind. When that happens, it's important to get back to the root of it all. 

Remember the unfiltered joy you felt during those innocent and carefree days, when what you loved to do was just that? Just for the love of it. The idea of making money with this thing wasn't even in your orbit. Indulging in your passion was a privilege and a stress reliever. A great way to feel alive and that the world was a magical and wonderous place.

When your livelihood, as well others, gets attached to the "wonder of it all" things can tend to morph. 

I still love what I do. I'm luckiest schmuck around and I know it. But sometimes, it can feel like it's a bit too much. The feeling of vintage mini cooper pressing on your chest ins't swell, no matter how pretty the package. 

So, for me--I walk.

A. Lot. 

And not treadmill or country road type walking. That doesn't do it. Real city walking. Congested, never know what you'll see or bump into around every corner type of city. That's why New York works for me. Every step is another opportunity for not only discovery, but release. With each step that I take I can feel the heaviness evaporate. Literally. Sometimes, it's so drastic, the evaporating, that I start balling like a newborn. Right there on the street. In a good way, if there is a good way for a grown man to sob uncontrollably. Thats's another reason to do this in a city as overwhelming as NY, there's way too many other things happening for anyone to notice.

That, and big, dark sunglasses help.

Once we can let go or ease the pressure, we can start to re-imagine what we love. All of sudden inspiration is everywhere. 

Yesterday, during one of my walks--started in Central Park South, ended up in SoHo and back. These walks are long kids, I made a detour through the Union Square Farmer's Market. 

Fall had exploded everywhere! And a little boy (left, his outfit is killing me) judged my outfit. He was right. 

Go forth and re-find your passion. 


Beth said...

What a lovely post. I'm glad you're able to walk your stress away. And capture photos to take you back to those moments in case stress starts to creep back in.

dstoutholcomb said...

you have a wonderful venue (NY) to walk around in and soak up the little things other miss...

you are blessed and full of gratitute and grace

we're celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this week... so 20 years with my husband (exluding the time before marriage), three kids, house in the 'burbs, minivan and I still haven't pursued my life's passions--you're way ahead of me :)

Congrats on the LA opening!

angelo said...


Congratulations on your 20years and more!

No one is ever ahead of us. Our path is always individual and uniquely ours.

dstoutholcomb said...

Thanks for the kind words.

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