Thursday, December 13, 2012

holiday chair...

This may just be one of the easiest contests to enter. Ever.

You can WIN the angelo:HOME chair of your choice from the swell kids (and my retail partners) Furniture Crate

All you have to do is, *like* Furniture Crate on facebook, and tell them which chair is your favorite along with the reason why you should be the recipient of said chair. Just for fun, you can even attach a photo of where you'd put the chair. I recommend near a plate of warm cookies, but anywhere you put it is fine by us.

Contest ends Dec. 23rd and the Winner gets announced on Dec. 24th (how easy and fast is that?!) via facebook.

Here's the link to enter: Furniture Crate

Just a few of the chairs you can choose from, below. See the whole collection of choices, HERE.

Good luck and happy chair choosing!



dstoutholcomb said...

angelo:HOME Harlow Arm Chair in Feathered Paisley Amethyst Purple

This is the one I posted--I was torn between it and antique floral bird

I won't ask you to wish me luck because you have to be unbiased. ;) Yes, I know the contest is probably random...

I'll be making chocolates this weekend--need some?

angelo said...

Denise- I'm not even in on the "pick the winner" process. I am happy to stand by and see what happens. There are too many baked goods and chocolates already in my life. HA! I'm trying to cut back. Don't make it harder for me--Enjoy the Holidays!

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