Friday, January 25, 2013

color and light...

Happy Weekend Kids!


mrsben said...

From the blues to the oranges; loving your choice of colour palette.

Favourite in lamps has to be the hand-blown glass.

Favourite fabric pattern is still the paisley prints. ☺

Question regarding your graphic design area carpets. In event one wished a larger size, are the patterns placed so you could put them side by side? (Thank you!)

P.S: I'll be staying indoors as presently it is -18 F here. Brrrrr!

dstoutholcomb said...

The beaded chandelier is pure confectionary yumminess-- I think I just coined that word. lol

Beth said...

I shared this on Facebook and tagged my friend Nick, who loves all things orange. And shortly thereafter, my friend Nancy popped up in the comments to say she just found the lamp she's been looking for for her desk! She's in love with Madison. Now she would like March to hurry up and get here.

angelo said...

Brenda- As far as the graphic rugs go, they do line up somewhat. Ha. Most styles are hand tufted and when you line them up, sometimes it's perfect and other times not. No two rugs are exactly/precisely alike in color and pattern. STAY WARM!

Denise- Excellent word!

Beth- Thank you for sharing, as always! Also, I'll see what I can do about getting March to hurry up already...

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