Tuesday, January 15, 2013

fear not...

We've often talked how color can change a room.

It's always my "go to" tool when approaching any kind of room makeover.

One of the things I've learned along the way, is that when the subject of using color comes up, the reaction from people isn't always a positive one. Usually, the first thing that pops into a clients mind is putting color their walls--that's when the panic sets in.

How? Where? How much? What happens when I no longer like it? Which color? Hue? Sheen?

All those fears and then some, get addressed on an individual basis and if I can't talk someone off the color cliff with wall paint, we start discussing neutrals as a backdrop and adding color in the moveable, easily reworked pieces.

It seems to work in soothing the color phobia, and it creates confidence in what is possible.

So, as we enter this New Year with all sorts of opportunities--create some room possibilities of your own. Challenge your color hungry spaces with pieces that can bring a new perspective to a room, just by infusing it with color and pattern.

It's just design, not a root canal at a dentist's office filled with snakes and raisins.

There's nothing to fear.

Go forth and design FUN!

1 comment:

dstoutholcomb said...

we bought new paint for the family room, powder room and hallways...colors that are a little out of my normal comfort zone, but very warm...just have to actually paint now!

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