Monday, February 25, 2013

stay in school...

This is not the most noble of confessions, but it's true.

I used to cut out of, what I thought was a boring class in college, and go visit department stores and small boutiques. Not to shop, but to gawk at the interiors. The best places were inspiring with their visuals and merchandise.

I couldn't afford to purchase anything, but just walking through them was enough.

When the most fortunate opportunity to open my own store presented itself, I knew that I wanted to create that same feeling I got when I would walk through those magical retail spaces. Also, I wanted our store to be fun and be filled with affordable designs for your home.

Essentially, I wanted to create the kind of place I wanted to wander through.

Don't cut class, kids.

Visit us during your actual free time.

If you can't swing by, check us out on Facebook.

1 comment:

dstoutholcomb said...

love visiting you on FB, but if I ever get to LA--watch out! Momma's spending some $$.

That chair is so classic!

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