Monday, April 1, 2013

color block it...


You know I love it.

That's why my new angelo:HOME lighting collection is filled with it.

The MERCER line is all about deep, rich, vibrant hues.

Each lamp base is made of individually handblown glass, as is the finial. It's partnered with a hard back sturdy shade in a matching hue.

The perfect way to color block your room.

A pair of these on either side of your sofa, or on your bedside tables can give your neutrals the perfect touch of rich, hued, jewel-toned color.

At 26"High, these lamps will making a color statement in a classic way.

Even a single Mercer on a desk or entry table will make your room shine with color!

Go Forth and Design Fun! -angelo


Beth said...

Love the form. Love the palette even more!

angelo said...

Thank You!

Beth said...

You make it difficult to choose! You're also helping me to think about color more expansively. There was a time when I'd go right for Green. But now, I think, "Sea Blue." But then I think, "No, Grape!" But then I think, "Oh, but Smoke has so much presence." Once again, you are causing me to need a bigger house.

angelo said...

Beth- I hear ya! I need a bigger house for all the stuff I design and fall in love with...

dstoutholcomb said...


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