Friday, April 12, 2013

happy weekending...

It's almost the weekend and as always, I'm thinking about food.

Tomorrow, I'll be on a couple of different planes jouney-ing to High Point, NC for the furniture market. There will be plenty of Southern Foods to keep me well sustained for the next couple of weeks down there.

In the meantime, I'm already nostalgic for some of the beautiful to look and oh so tasty to try, chocolate creations I stumbled upon this week.

-Chocolate Baklava from LRF

-Dark Chocolate Fudge Doughnut Cakes 
from Edible Garden (thanks Baker Beth)

-Irish Coffee Brownies from Confident Kitchen

Hope Your Weekend is Swell, Kids! -angelo


Beth said...

Whether to bake brownies this weekend was teetering on the edge of Do or Don't. This post just tipped it in.

dstoutholcomb said...

You're killing me :). Those all look so good!

I forgot to make something for the bake sale at the church yard sale tomorrow--youth fundraiser. Now, I feel like I should make brownies, but I'm out of time. At least I donated some nice items, and I bought a foosball table for the boys--advantage of forcing my younger boys to set up. I get the preview. Baseball opening day, too. I'll trade places and go to High Point. The local university there is on my oldest son's shortlist. Sports trainer, not furniture/design-related.

I will be making cupcakes (chocolate) for the varsity lacrosse team next week. I found some candy molds of LAX heads; I'm going to try substituting thin pretzel sticks for lollipop sticks, and the heads will be white chocolate. Then, I'll place them on top of the cupcakes. Genius, right?

angelo said...

Denise- GENIUS INDEED! Love it.

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