Wednesday, May 29, 2013

cry baby...

People ask me all the time, why people cry during TV makeover reveals. It's not because the room is pretty--it's because they see possibilities.

Possibilities of what can happen in their lives. Some of the best "reveals" and conversations with the homeowners, that took part of a renovation or design makeover, happen when the cameras turn off. They talk about how they feel like anything is possible--How their new space is a visual, tactile example of how they want to live and see themselves. 

Those possibilities make me misty-eyed for them as well. There's power in the way we live.

There are plenty of ways to make a living and like most, I've had my share of jobs.

I've made coffee, served pastrami to starlets in Hollywood in the middle of the night at 24hour deli, designed layouts for magazines, delivered newspapers, made bagels, waited tables, installed roofs, designed and built stage sets and retail window displays, but my work in the world of design has been the most fulfilling.

There's nothing quite like seeing a new room through the homeowners eyes. 

Making a living isn't enough for me. 

Being a part of a something exciting, personal and an emotional connection to home, IS! 

Design has changed my life--It can change yours.

I truly believe that design should be fun and attainable for all.

At angelo:HOME we're passionate about Home. Yours. -angelo


Beth said...

I surely do not doubt that folks cry during reveals for the glimpse they've just gotten into the possibilities for the future. But I'm going to presume they're also crying because the spaces are pretty. And you create lovely rooms.

Meanwhile, I was unaware that starlets ate pastrami. Or is the 24-hour deli the key? Do starlets consume pastrami only under cover of night, when they think no one will know?

Monica said...

Your why's, your excitement and genuine desire to create something beautiful for those you serve is why people love you.

Never stop designing!


angelo said...

Monica- Thank You Very Much! I appreciate your comment and I promise you to never stop designing.

Beth-Yes, the "under the cover of night" is the key. Oooooh, the stories I could tell.

dstoutholcomb said...

There's no shame in tears. Design is a form of art--those who cry are better able to show their appreciation for what was revealed.

I'm fortunate to have had you visit in my home. No designing, but your kindness touched me.

dstoutholcomb said...

PS. I have learned from you. You should have seen the mish-mash I started with when I "set up housekeeping" as my Southern Grandma called it.

angelo said...

Denise- Thank You! It was an honor for me to be in your home and to meet you and your family. I love "set up housekeeping" that's an awesome way to phrase it.

Jennifer Moore said...

You are more than welcome to come to my home, redesign a room, and make me cry. I'll be the first volunteer to let that happen! LOL

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