Saturday, May 4, 2013

dining stories...

Where do you eat your meals?

In the car, at your desk, on the sofa? 

I'm usually on the road so most of my meals are either in a rental car, or hotel room desk.

When I was growing up in Chicago, dinner time was a big deal at our house. 

Not just the making of the food, but the sitting/gathering at the dining table. 

Stories and the day's adventures were shared, even if the baklava wasn't.

Our dining table also became the place for my countless art and baking projects.

So, when it came time to get into the world of dining room furniture, I wanted it to be a warm, inviting, and casual---even if you dress it up with your finest china, I like the idea that it's never fussy.

The woods are reclaimed, so no two table are exactly alike. 

The chairs are in a great linen/twill type of feeling and looking fabric, but easy to clean. Just in case a scuffle breaks out over the last piece of cake. I've been there. It isn't pretty. 

The LEXI Dining Chair has great nail head detail along the base and the back, button tufting and a slightly arched back. It's a classic style that partners beautifully with the more contemporary and rustic feel of the BROOKDALE Dining Tables.

The tables also make swell desks with the LEXI being the perfect desk chair.

Grounding the whole dining room with a great big rug (I recommend at least 8x10, enough so that your chairs don't get snagged on the rug when they are being pulled in and out) pulls the whole look together, and makes for a beautifully layered/personal space.

Plus, I encourage you to mix n' match. All the chairs don't have to match--feel free to add your own flair. 

It's the beginning of your own meal time memories!


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dstoutholcomb said...

Your dining collection is the bomb!

The milk glass compote full of lilacs would look lovely on my dining table.

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