Wednesday, June 5, 2013

up against the wall...

Recently, someone showed me a picture of their living room.

They wanted to see what I thought of their newly finished space.

My first question, always, is "Do you love it?"

If they say they do, my work is done. There's nothing else I can offer other than to say, "Awesome. You should!"

If you love the space you have to created, then it's a done deal. Who cares what I think.

Great design is about you being happy, confident and comfortable in your home. No trends, design advice, or any other outside influence should change that.

The newly *remodeled living room kids* that were showing me their room on their phone, loved their space--but they felt like something was missing. They kept walking around the room and thought that something was a little off. Maybe I could tell them what that was.

"There are no tables" I blurted out before I could finish looking at the picture.

Fair warning, if you ever show me a picture of a room and ask me what I think, I may spontaneously blurt out exactly what I see/think. I have had to learn to control myself. Kind of like learning to control myself from spontaneously moving the furniture and accessories of any room, store or hotel I enter. I think I may have designer tourette's.

It's a reaction I have gotten better at anticipating---taking a breath or two, before slowly and carefully saying something.

The room in question had color on the wall, a brand new spiffy patterned rug, a beautiful sofa and two vintage looking chairs, a very elegant chandelier and a floor lamp. There was some artwork on the walls and the oversized windows were bare. Quite well done and I told them so.

Yet, all the furniture was up against a wall and in the center of the room was a large expanse.

There was at least 11ft from the end of the sofa to the end of the chairs on the opposite wall. Appox. the same distance, if not more, in the other direction as well.

I assumed the coffee table situation was on order, "Are you waiting for your coffee table to arrive, or a cocktail ottoman?" I asked. Surely what was going to happen next, was that I'd be shown another iPhone photo of the table/ottoman/milk crate that was on the way.

"No." They replied.

Then, it happened.

"Oooooooooh. We should have something in that space, right?" They both said.

They didn't even think about a coffee table, end tables, bookcase, shelving, or any kind of accent furniture piece because they were afraid of closing the room off.

I get it. Totally understandable.

But, without at least a large central piece of furniture, the rest of the room felt like it was just floating there. It seemed like the furniture had been moved all up against the wall, just for that day, to make room for dancing lessons.

Even a small, round accent/end table between two chairs can be enough without adding much bulkiness. 

Then, a soft/tufted ottoman can act as the central coffee table. Also, it becomes extra seating and a great place to put your feet up!

Adding accent furniture doesn't have to be one of those things where all of it has to match. The woods can be different. Actually, they all don't have to be wood. The more eclectic you are with your choices, the more interesting and layered your room will be.

Go Forth and Design Fun! -angelo


dstoutholcomb said...

If one asks your opinion, one probably wants it--don't be afraid of blurting it out! I know you're not *afraid*, but you're not offending he or she. A friend might feel he or she is taking advantage of the friendship, but you seem the type of person who doesn't mind giving a creative tip or two in the name of friendship. :) Or, one knows something is off-kilter, but might feel he or she should know by omosis of being your friend, but really doesn't.

I can tell you what my family room needs--a different style of end and coffee tables! Bought ours because we needed them, and they were a great deal for solid wood. We (I) didn't think about the longevity of the style--you weren't on TV to teach me. We're stuck for now--three boys to put through college. This is one situation where paint won't help.

You know that was a joke, right? I can't blame you for my design (cough) mistake.

Beth said...

Where did they think they were going to set down their coffee and snacks? Or martinis and snacks?

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