Thursday, July 11, 2013

nacho cheese colored memories...

During the summer, my brother and I would go to a place called Lake Summerset with our parents.

It's located at the upper most part of Illinois. It took a few hours to get there, but it was the only real time our parents ever went on a vacation--they were always working. I don't quite remember how they discovered it, but that didn't really matter. We were taking time off!

Our "vacation" usually consisted of a day trip and we looked forward to it. By the time we drove back later that night, we were sun-burned, exhausted and smelled of lake, grass, sand and some sort of random food item.

We'd eat a full sized bag of Doritos on the way up there and another once at the lake. Nacho cheese was the Dorito of choice. Still is. 

There was the usual grilling of burgers, ice cream cones and homemade spanakopita and greek salad. There had to be some greek food in the mix. Doritos alone were not enough to make a vacation day seem complete.

These were probably the happiest times I remember with my family. There was rarely talk of work, bills, and other family strife. No yelling or arguing, just the excitement of the journey. It was one of those rare times when I remember watching my parents from the back seat, and seeing them both laugh and smile. 

One of the clearest memories from all our trips up there, are the colors.

The colors of the farm fields on the ride there. The color of the water and the sky. The way the light was so different than in the city. How much it all changed on the way back home and how even the nacho cheese remnants on our fingers looked good to me.

Even though Fall is my favorite time of year, Summer feels good when I think of 1-day lake vacations.



Beth said...

This is really lovely.

Dawn F said...

I grew up in rural Wisconsin and spent many summer weekends at my Aunt & Uncle's cabin... sweet times, great memories.

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