Sunday, July 21, 2013

nothing plain about it...

For years I have been a chocolate guy. The darker the better. 

It still makes my heat race, but recently I've relished in the subtle flavor of vanilla.

There's something kind of surprising about it, because sometimes---
the flavor sneaks up on you after the initial taste. I like that. 

It's great being surprised--Wether it's in your taste buds or your home.

It's never plain.


Beth said...

Hear hear!

I had a friend who thought I was nuts for choosing vanilla when chocolate was an option. (I write about him in the past tense because he is no longer with us, not because we parted ways over a chocolate-vanilla misunderstanding.)

But a good vanilla shake is a thing of beauty. And a vanilla malt?! Brilliant.

Chocolate gets all the glory but vanilla, done well, is a simple joy. Vanilla pudding? Creme brulee? Yep. Yep.

Also, for baking purposes, it's worth finding Mexican vanilla. Everybody thinks the fancy Madagascar kind is the epitome of great vanilla, but Mexican vanilla is better.

dstoutholcomb said...

Whenever we make homemade ice cream, it's always vanilla.

Mostly a chocolate girl, but I agree, sometimes vanilla is the only flavor that will do.

Checked the pantry, not sure the source of my vanilla. lol.

ps. Baker Beth, I'm writing on my brand new laptop! Game on! ;)

Beth said...

Atta girl, Denise!

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