Monday, March 24, 2014

3 steps to casual dining…


Everything leads up to food.

My favorite memories of places and people usually include a meal of some sort.

There’s something special and comforting when a wonderful meal or snack is partnered with a place or person. It all gets mapped into one wondrous moment in my consciousness.

The best way, at least for me, to enjoy a meal is always in a casual setting.

From the uber laid back eating of Chinese takeout from the carton (in bed) while catching up on “House Of Cards”, to a relaxed table setting that feels comfortable, easy and anything but stuffy.

So, with that in mind…here are my 3 must tips for casual dining:

1:  Forgo the traditional place setting and put cutlery & napkins into large glasses for your guests to grab when they’re ready. It sets a mood that this is a relaxed affair.

2:  Mix and Match your chairs. It instantly creates a more casual feel.

3:  Add music.

BONUS TIP (’cause that’s the way I roll):  Add flowers. Always.

Happy Entertaining and Memory Making,   -angelo

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