Sunday, March 30, 2014

bright style…

tdt87-USE1Using yellow in your home can be soft and calming while still making your room look and feel bright and cheerful.

Here are my top 3 tips to easily bring a little sunshine into your home:

1) Partner it with blues, greys and whites.

Grey and blue are a great way to balance the brightness of yellow hues. Plus, it makes the color really stand out beautifully. White can make it feel even more crisp and cheerful. It’s a truly classic look.

2) Add details like tufting and velvety fabrics.

Yellow can be a bright, lighthearted style in your room. Bringing in sophisticated detailing makes for the perfect non fussy style combo.

3) Make it versatile.

Yellow can be both modern and traditional. Partner it with great clean lines and watch it warm up a stark setting, OR use with dark classic woods and details for a brighter feel to your space.


simpatico-hobnail-glass-candle-in-meyer-lemon-9703-400px-400px-300x300 davis-settee-in-modern-damask-golden-yellow-hal-lx-ppg24a-400px-400px1-300x300 20503840208244p-204x300 gramercy-park-4-piece-queen-bedding-collection-48501-add-1-400px-400px-300x284 16-x-24-pillow-in-modern-deco-yellow-taupe-tilework-p1-pmd24-400px-400px-300x300 3J678.fpx_-300x300 P16129475-300x300 marci-purse-storage-ottoman-in-bird-flock-saffron-yellow-and-add-1-400px-400px-300x300 Brunello+Urn+II-300x300 impressions-rug-style-4004-5x76-ipr4004-576-400px-400px-300x300 square-hi-gloss-yellow-tray-300x300 fulton-mini-4-light-chandelier-table-lamp-in-gold-8506-tl-400px-400px-300x300

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