Wednesday, April 2, 2014


tell your story in every roomI'm a classic hunter-gatherer.

Which pretty much translates to, I have a lot of crap.

It's never a surprise to me that I do. I am more than keenly aware that I love stuff. The *Less is More* model has never really spoken to me.

I truly appreciate it's meaning and am always in dumbstruck awe when I see layouts in home decor magazines of folks that live in pristine museum like settings.

Are they secret hoarders, but the magazine sent out an army of professional organizers and high end home stagers to make everything look uber style and sterile? There must be a room that isn't being photographed. A room that's so filled with garage sale and flea market treasures, that you can't even open the door.

I would believe that story.

Except that I've been in people's homes that are just that streamlined and *stuff* free. People that can afford to actually have stuff. Lots of it. Believe me, I've looked everywhere in their home. Nothing there.

Nothing but the few and the very stylish precious necessities.

At first glance I not only marvel, but think that maybe I too should find a way to live this almost monastic life. I could donate and give away all of my worldly possessions and bask in the beauty of empty space. Then I would get excited about an empty space and what I could do with it. How I could tell a new story.

Everything we own has a story. Not always the most romantic or interesting one, but a history non the less.

Things are connected to an experience or a the time when I was eating one of the best Corn Dogs ever and spotted a tiny, dusty little thrift store in New York. Back in the day before those sort of places became hip and everything semi chipped and dirty became overpriced.

I walked into this overpacked tiny place and asked about a small ceramic yellow lamp with a heavy patina brass base that was in the window. $5 bucks. Done and done.

I couldn't give that little lamp up, or the myriad of other such treasures.

My favorite spaces to spend time in are the ones that are layered with memories. We tell the stories that not only we've experienced, but the ones we secretly hope we might/will experience with the things we collect, own and display.

I encourage all my clients to design and decorate their homes with the things they love. Style, trends and design of the moment is just that. The items that are timeless have nothing to do with any kind of fashion but with the personal expression of who we are, or were at a certain moment in time.

Go forth and tell your story.    

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