Monday, May 12, 2014

it's not all about the tv...


Let's be clear.

I love television.

It's a box of magic.

If it wasn't for TV, my early life would feel like one long, sad loop resembling a Charles Dickens novel.

As an immigrant, I learned how to speak English from TV. I learned how to laugh, dream, and that Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball (even with all their accolades) may be the most underappreciated geniuses of of their (or any) time.

To this day, my love of TV still runs deep. There's nothing better, after a long few weeks on the road, than turning off the outside world and catching up on favorite shows and their world--with a generous helping of Chinese take out.

That's doesn't mean that I want my television to be the center of attention in a room.

When it's off, I love for it to blend into the background and let the room tell a story beyond just..."There's a TV in that room!"

One of my favorite ways to do that is to build an art wall around it.

Forego the traditional entertainment center and either mount your TV on the wall, and build the art wall around it--OR, put your TV on a low cabinet and use the space around the television to create your own personal wall of self expression.

You can experiment with the kind of artwork you want to display. It can all be family photography, framed the same way. Or you can mix art, personal artifacts and photography in various framing options to create an eclectic mix.

OR, you can just do a very large, single piece of art that takes up the whole wall behind the TV.

Either way, make your room about ALL the things that you love and represent your life, not just your TV.

We have our *alone time* with that magic box when it's on and glowing just for us. Good times.

Go Forth and Design Well! 

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